Three-row cultivators KPS


Three-row cultivators of this series have retained all the advantages of the classic bed design, namely:

- high-quality cultivation of the cultivated soil;
- simplicity and reliability;
- low cost.

The three-row arrangement of lancet share with a working width of 305 mm on Italian-made two-turn spring vibration struts, an increased distance between adjacent tines (750 mm) and the use of individual hydraulic cylinders for each support and transport wheel used in the design, allows:

- to implement a parallel recess;
- improve the geometric parameters of the cultivator's patency;
- to provide the possibility of equipping the cultivator with trailing rollers with shock absorbers and sections of spring teeth;
- significantly reduce the clogging of tines with plant residues;
- exclude the mutual influence of the tines on each other (lack of a bypass bed).

It is possible to install tines (lancet shares with a working width of 330 mm) on individual beds with metal-ceramic bushings to ensure a more accurate adjustment of the depth of soil processing and increase the overlap between adjacent shares.
It is also possible to complete the cultivators of this series with "$"-shaped or "С"-shaped tines of tines.

Individual ridge of the tine on ceramic-metal bushings

Two-turn spring vibration strut with lancet share 305 mm

Individual support wheel cylinder

Packer with shock absorbers and spring teeth section

Main characteristics
Capture width, m, min 4 5 8
Soil processing depth, cm to 12
Operating speed, km/h to 12
Productivity, ha/h to 4,8 to 5,8 to 10,8
Number of tines (share with grip 305 mm), pcs. 16 20 32
Number of roller sections, pcs. 2 2 4
Weight, kg, max 1100 1350 2250
Required tractor power, hp 80 100 150

Overlap between tines, cm, min


Deviation of the average processing depth from the specified one, cm, max


Roughness of the surface, cm, max


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