Universal four-row cultivators of the “SLOBODA” series





Cultivators of the "Sloboda" series are a flagship product that is not inferior in efficiency to imported counterparts. It is designed using accumulated domestic and foreign experience in soil cultivation.

The units are equipped with press rollers and a harrow (spring) located behind the rollers. The design uses a specific layout of elements to improve the process of mixing soil with plant residues and chemical incorporation.
The height of the uprights provides plenty of clearance under the frame to prevent clogging with plant debris.

The general operations for which the cultivator is used:

- primary processing of stubble;
- preparation of the seed horizon after plowing or harrowing;
- spring loosening, which improves soil ventilation to speed up drying;
- cultivation to suppress weeds after the use of heavy or anti-erosion cultivators;
- loosening of frozen soil for organic fertilizers;
- distribution of straw over the field after harvesting.

Optionally (for an additional fee upon prior order of the consumer), the cultivators equip with such elements as:

- front support wheels (tire 6.0 * 16 or 6.5 * 16) - for a working width of 4 and 5 m;
- lancet shares with a working width of 200 or 260 mm or chisel shares with a working width of 60 mm (produced by Bellota (Spain) or Eurozappa (Italy));
press rollers type STS (single or tandem);
- rollers with rubber wedge rings;
press rollers with stacked spring sectors;
- front planning shield (tines-levelers (Italy) with sectional adjustment mechanisms);
- hitch type CAT.2 or CAT.3 (for aggregation using the lower linkage of the tractor hitch).

Roller type STS

Tandem roller type STS

Hitch type CAT.2

Front support wheels

Removable cast "earring"

Tine Hercules (70*12) with share

Roller with spring sectors


Main characteristics

Cultivator parameters that do not depend on the working width

Number of rows of shares Four rows, "Max-Mix" arrangement (ensures the maximum distance between adjacent shares)
Operating speed, km/h 10-12
Transport speed, km/h 15-18 (when driving on bad roads should be reduced)
Processing depth, cm 3-15
Linear distance between shares, cm 20
Frame clearance (height), cm 55
Type of working elements (basic equipment) Arrowhead share made of borated wear-resistant steel (width 260 mm) on a spring vibrating $-pillar
Hercules type (profile 70*12 mm) manufactured by Bellota (Spain) or Eurozappa (Italy)
Roller (base) Roller Ø 430 mm from strip 40*10 mm (Ø 530 mm STS type for working width 10 and 12 m)
Harrow (spring) harrow

Single-row arrangement of spring teeth (st 60S2A, Ø 10 mm) with a step of 100 mm, independent adjustment of the angle of attack and depth


Cultivator parameters that change depending on the working width

Working width, m 4 5 6 8 10 12
Productivity, ha/h to 4,8 to 6 to 7,2 to 9,6 to 12 to 14,4
Frame type entire folding side sections
1 g/c per section 2 g/c per section
Number and standard size of transport wheels, pcs. 2 wheels (tire 6.0*16 or 6.5*16)

2 wheels
(tire 10.00/75*R15.3)

2 wheels
(tire 16,5/70R18)

Quantity and standard size of front gauge wheels, pcs. Not included in the basic package 4 wheels (tire 6,0*16 or 6,5*16) 4 wheels
(tire 9*16)
Transport width, m 4 5 3,8 3,8 5,6 5,6
Transport height, m 1,4 1,4 2,7 3,7 3.7 4.7
Recommended tractor power, hp 80-100 100-120 120-140 150-180 290-320 340-360
Number of tines of working elements with shares, pcs. (basic equipment) 20 25 30 40 50 60
Mass of a cultivator, kg, max 1350 1650 3470 3950 6400 7500
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