Mounted disk harrows ADN


disk harrows are perfect for basic non-moldboard, pre-sowing tillage for crops, and stubble cultivation with crumbling and ploughing plant residues. The ttine rollers hinged on the frame make it possible to roll the treated soil to preserve moisture. The units consist of a two-row frame and tines (cut-out disks Ø 650 mm) on separate tines at a distance of 350 mm from each other.

For the production of tines of tines, seamless pipes of the following sizes are used:

  • vertical part – outer Ø 70 mm, wall thickness 12 mm;
  • bearing housing – outer Ø 108 mm, wall thickness 18 mm.

The bearing unit of the tine of the working parts is the most critical and highly loaded part. In our design, we use a one-piece forged axle of a disk of increased diameter, which undergoes HFC hardening and metal grinding during manufacturing. The labyrinth seal of the «disk axis-bearing assembly housing», pair, high-quality cuffs manufactured by Eriks, Holland, and a “blind” cover with a rubber seal can reliably protect the assembly from dust, soil particles, etc. The Lutsk Bearing Unit (a part of the Swedish corporation SKF) produces tapered roller bearings 7508 and 7509. They are used for assembly that guarantees high quality that meets the highest international standards.

Replacement of cut-out disks does not need disassembling the bearing assembly. Adjustment of the position of the press roller is convenient due to rearranging the fingers in 2 fixed positions, at the front attachment point and in 9 fixed positions, at the rear attachment point of the road wheel.

Optionally (for an additional fee, by prior order of the consumer) can be installed on disk units:

  • notched disks Ø 660 mm manufactured by Bellota Spain, made of boron steel, highly resistant to abrasion, having a 2-2.5 times longer service life;
  • maintenance-free bearing units that do not require periodic adjustment and regular lubrication;
  • press rollers type STS («ground-on-ground» operation) Ø 530 mm (single or tandem);
  • press rollers with stacked spring spherical sectors;
  • harrow (spring) mounted on the btineets (holders) of the ttine roller has independent adjustments of the working depth and angle of attack of the spring teeth.


Standard bearing unit

Maintenance-free bearing unit

Вместо стандартной манжеты используется кассетное уплотнение Corteco тип 3 (производства фирмы «Simrit» Германия) имеющее 9 защитных кромок и используемое для самых тяжелых условий эксплуатации. Ось диска Ø 49 мм, выполненная из Ст 40Х и неподвижно закреплена на демпфирующей пластине, предохраняющей стойку рабочих органов от разрушения при ударных нагрузках. Вырезной диск закреплен непосредственно на вращающейся ступице.В конструкции узла используются закрытые двухрядные роликовые подшипники, не требующие дополнительной смазки в процессе эксплуатации, применяемые в ступицах ведущих колес автомобилей Mersedes.  

Roller type STS

Tandem roller-type STS

Roller with spring sectors

Harrow (spring) harrow

Main characteristics
Unit type mounted mounted mounted mounted mounted
Soil processing depth, cm 8,0-18,0 8,0-18,0 8,0-18,0 8,0-18,0 8,0-18,0
Operating speed, km/h 8-12 8-12 8-12 8-12 8-12
Transport speed, km/h, max 20 20 20 20 20
Constructive capture width, m, min 1,8 2,1 2,4 2,7 3,1
Number of tines, pcs. 10 12 14 16 18
Productivity per hour of the main / operational
time, ha/hour, min
1,2/0,8 1,5/1,1 1,8/1,3 2,0/1,5 2,3/1,8
Mass of the unit, kg, max 630 730 830 930 1100
Tractor power, hp, min 40 55 80 100 130
Overall dimensions in working position, mm, max:  
width 2100 2450 2800 3150 3500
length 2500 2500 2500 2500 2500
height 1300 1300 1300 1300 1300
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