Stubble cultivators KSR


Stubble cultivators of the KSR series are used for resource-saving minimum and traditional general tillage to a depth of 20 cm without moldboard undercutting using technology that creates a mulch layer on the soil surface. That avoids the creation of a plough pan, prevents soil erosion, accumulates moisture in the soil and prevents its evaporation and incorporation of plant residues.

Thanks to the three types of tines (shares, disks and a press roller), soil loosening and grinding, layer cutting to a given depth, mixing crushed crop residues with soil, pre-sowing rolling and soil levelling are carried out in one pass of tillage.

To change the depth of processing in the design of the cultivator, rollers of the KPU type «ground on the ground» are used. The front support wheels improve the contour following of the cultivated fields and the stability of the soil undercutting depth.

The cultivators have imported tines (tines with wing shares and levelling disks) from Bellota (Spain) – a manufacturer known for the highest quality standards throughout the world.

Composite shares with a working width of 500 mm, replacing individual cutting parts possibility that wear out during operation, are installed on shear tines, which makes it possible to protect the working bodies from shock loads. The design provides for changing the angle of inclination of the share to work on heavy arid soils.

Spherical disks Ø 460 mm, mounted on separate tines, with independent adjustment in working depth for optimal levelling and crumbling of the soil. The maintenance-free bearing units used in the design do not require lubrication and adjustment for the entire period of operation. They are for operation in the most challenging field conditions from the ingress of particles of an aggressive external environment.

Tine (stock share Bellota)

Maintenance-free disk bearing assembly

Main characteristics
Capture width, m, min 2 3 4
Processing depth, cm, min 20 20 20
Operating speed, km/h, max 15 15 15
Productivity, ha/h to 3,5 to 5 to 6,5
Number of shares, pcs. 5 7 9
Number of disks, pcs. 4 6 8
Number of rollers, pcs. 1 1 1
Weight, kg, max 730 1250 1500
Required tractor power, hp 80 130-170 150-200

Roughness of the surface, cm, max

2 2 2
Cutting weeds, %, min 99 99 99
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