Heavy disk harrow on rubber elastomers LDT


Heavy disk harrow LDT are perfect for both options: surface pre-sowing and general tillage to a depth of 15 cm. The design of devices of this series includes a significant free space under the frame, which, even with large volumes of plant residues, can work without clogging.
Using the harrow at a higher operating speed ensures intensive and homogeneous mixing of organic matter and soil, which can significantly reduce moisture loss from evaporation..
tines - disks Ø 610 mm, have a sharp edge along the entire working profile, including cutouts. They provide high-quality processing, crushing plant residues and reducing soil ridges, even at shallow depths. The installed maintenance-free bearing assembly uses a high-quality double-row angular contact bearing, the purpose of which is to operate with significant axial loads.
High performance, low fuel consumption, and increased unit mass are among the main advantages of LDT disk harrow. Moreover, due to the increased unit mass, the specific load on the disk is also increased.
Mounting the tines using elastomeric rubber shock absorbers guarantees the lateral disks stability even while working on dry compacted soil and protects the tines when hitting obstacles.
The STS («soil-to-soil») roller allows operation in high humidity conditions and protects the harrow frame from shock loads that occur during high-speed performance.
Possible options for completing the units of the LDT series (optional by prior order, for an additional fee):
- scraper sections for the STS roller to protect against excessive soil sticking;
- front planning board;
- a roller with rubber wedge-shaped disks;
- forward copying wheels;
- protective side shields;
- support roller with stacked spring sectors.

Main characteristics
Capture width, m, min 2,5 4 5 6 8
Processing depth, cm to 15 to 15 to 15 to 15 to 15
Operating speed, km/h to 18 to 18 to 18 to 18 to 18
Productivity, ha/h, min 3 5 6 7 10
Number of spring tines / disks, pcs. 20 32 40 48 64

Design features of the supporting frame

Solid non-folding

Folding, with balancing section suspension

Weight, kg, max 2280 3220 4230 4900 7200
Required tractor power, hp, min 80 140 175 210 280
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