Cultivators KPS


We have tested the ridge construction of KPS cultivators for decades and millions of hectares of cultivated fields. It provides an accurate copy of the field relief for continuous soil cultivation using a modified reinforced frame of shaped pipes. On the beds of the cultivator are installed 2 rows of lancet shares with spring rod shock absorbers made of a circle Ø 20 mm. All highly loaded friction-sliding pairs, namely the btineet for attaching the beds to the carrier frame and the shock absorber rods to the shock absorber beam, are made using calibrated ceramic-metal bushings to reduce wear, and the use of calibrated rolled metal reduces the lateral play of the nodes to a minimum.

All KPS cultivators have leashes for attaching tooth or spring harrows for additional processing.

In the production of cultivators, we considered all the accumulated long-term experience in operating units of this design to increase the service life, ease of operation and maintenance. Steel cast btineets-holders of tines, full-profile tines made of St 45, reinforced trailer unit (slack with braces), a depth adjustment screw with trapezoidal thread and a ridge made of profile labour with a wall thickness of 4 mm – all this ensures a guaranteed service life of cultivators before decommissioning - not less than 7 years.

Main characteristics

Technical characteristics of KPS cultivators

PARAMETER NAMEParameter value depending on the working widthProductivity, ha/hour, minTotal number, shares, pcs.Traction class of the tractorTotal weight, kg, maxPerformance features
KPS-4MN 4 4 16 1,4 750 Mounted
KPS-4MP 4 4 16 1,4 950 Trailed, aggregation in a hitch is possible
KPS-5MP 5 5 20 2 1200 Trailed
KPS-6MP 6 6 24 2 1500 Trailed
KPS-8MP 8 8 32 3 2000 Trailed, hydraulically folding wing sections
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