Rollers mulchers-choppers KMP


Water-filled trailed rollers of the KMP series are perfect for grinding both plant residues that remain on the field after harvesting agricultural (especially high-stemmed) crops (sunflower and corn) and when processing fallows and abandoned fields.

Moreover, additional surface treatment of the soil (levelling and mulching) can be done at the same time. The technology of creating mulch allows you to prevent the evaporation of moisture, slow down the growth of weeds and further enrich the soil with organic matter. The units even operate at soil moisture up to 25%.

Unlike similar rollers on the market, the used design of the balanced suspension of the sections provides ground copying up and down from the horizon line.

Simplicity and practicality of the design, low cost, the possibility of simultaneously carrying out several agrotechnological operations, and economical fuel consumption - are not all the advantages of this series of rollers.

Main characteristics

Technical characteristics of KMP rollers

PARAMETER NAMEParameter value depending on the working widthProductivity, ha/hour

Operating/transport speed, km/h

Tractor power, hp, min

Total weight, kg, maxNumber of knives, pcs.
KMP-6 6 до 10 до 12/до 20 80 1950 120
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