Mounted disk harrow on spring tines LDN


Mounted units of this series are optimally suited for surface stubble and pre-sowing tillage on mulch or after ploughing. The disk harrow performs surface treatment to stimulate the germination of carrion, break soil capillarity, incorporate and mix crop residues and green manure crops, and prepare the seed horizon.
Individual spring tines of tines (in the basic configuration - cut-out disks Ø 460 mm) from a profile of 90 * 14 mm ensure continuous and efficient operation of the disk harrow even in weedy and rocky areas. Due to vibration, tines are self-cleaned from plant residues and soil. The service life and results of the spring struts are incomparable with the struts on soft rubber dampers.
The slatted trailing roller provides high-quality crushing and compaction of the soil.
The disk harrow provides high performance with low fuel consumption and can work at higher working speeds (up to 18 km/h) and tillage to a depth of 12 cm.
The maintenance-free bearing units used in the design do not require lubrication and adjustment for the entire operation period. They are made for operation in the most challenging field conditions and protected from the ingress of particles of an aggressive external environment.
Possible (optional, for an additional fee) configuration options for disk harrow of the LDP series:
-notched spherical disks Ø 510 or 560 mm;
- fine-toothed conical disks Ø 510 or 560 mm (Vaderstadt type);
- harrow sections of spring teeth;
press rollers with stacked spring sectors.

Spring tine with disk

Roller with spring sectors

Maintenance-free bearing unit of the LDP disk

Main characteristics
Capture width, m, min 2 2,5 3
Processing depth, cm to 12 to 12 to 12
Operating speed, km/h to 18 to 18 to 18
Productivity, ha/h to 2,7 to 3,4 to 4,0
Number of spring tines / disks, pcs. 16 20 24
Number of roller sections, pcs. 1 1 1
Weight, kg, max 830 970 1100
Required tractor power, hp, min 60 70 80
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